2016 Net Gain – The New Age of Advertising Research Measurement

The following are notes from Melanie Drouin’s Net Gain 2016 presentation: “The New Age of Advertising Research Measurement”. This post has had limited editing and hence there will be typos.

Advertising measurement changing dramatically. People having a hard time figuring out where to spend their money.

  • Digital media keeps growing & changing – over the past 3 years total digital media time spent has grown 53%.
  • There’s a lot of data out there – In August P&G announced it will move away from ads on FB that target specific consumers.
  • Feeling that maybe digital is providing diminishing returns

Methodology: panel-based advertising measurement and optimization.

Adding new tools and models to our existing methods:

Track ad exposure:

  • Print and tv still big channels – large trust in these channels
  • Out of home – testing geo-targeting
  • Cookies for mobile and desktop
  • In-app via advertising ID protocols

Survey exposed and unexposed audiences – aren’t talking about the ads though – looking at impact on brand equity and things like that.

Analyze campaign effectiveness – can determine which media buy alone or combined had the best lift.

Tracking ad exposure is now about people and their devices.

Media combinations – the model can tell you which combination of types of media used help to improve various types of elements regarding brand (awareness, brand equity etc.)


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