2016 Net Gain – The Internet of Things

The following are my notes from the 2016 Net Gain presentation of “The Internet of Things”, by Greg Dashwood of Microsoft. This has been posted shortly after the end of the presentation, so there has been little editing and hence there will be typos.

IoT isn’t futuristic, it is here and being used by companies now.

Klaus Schwab “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”

  • First – 1760-1840: driven by steam engine – impacted transportation
  • Second – 1870-1940: electricity and combustion engine – impacted manufacturing
  • Third – 1960-2010: driven by the microprocessor
  • Fourth – Physical (robotics, 3D printing autonomous vehicles), Biological (genetic diagnostics, genetic treatment), digital (machine learning, IoT, disruptive business models)

What is driving prevalence of IoT?

  • every 2 days we create as much information as we did from the beginning of time until 2003
  • 90% of all the data ever created in past 2 years

– by 2020 expected all digital info will be from 3.2 zettabyte to 40 zettabytes

-86% of CEOs consider digital their #1 priority, they believe technology will transform their business

-Blockbuster had 9,000 stores at its height, Netflix tried to sell to them for $50 million. BB turned them down and Netflix disrupted industry entirely

  • likewise Uber upsetting the Taxi industry
  • but, technologies like these need analytics

Systems of intelligence

  • engage your customers
  • transform your products
  • empower your employees
  • optimize your operations


What is IoT?


  • Things
  • Connectivity – can connect every asset in factories around the world
  • Data – can generate massive amounts of data with this information
  • Analytics – Can turn this data into insight
  • Action – How you take the analytics and profit from it

IoT is key to digital transformation

  • 73% of companies surveyed currently active in IoT
  • 60% of those working on IoT are aiming to grow revenue and profits


  • Johnson Controls have their chillers running 9X faster
  • Rolls Royce are putting sensors in get engines to save fuel usage
  • ThyssenKrupp – use sensors to monitor health of elevators and schedule maintenance – reduce downtime by 50%

What is enabling IoT today

Billions of connected sensors

Big data

Machine learning/artificial intelligence

Number of connected devices will explode in the next few years:

fitbits, clothing, glasses, body armour, keys

“Things” Found in the Enterprise

  • Devices that empower and enable your people  –
  • Others: vehicles, robotics, assembly line equipments, buildigns, infrastructure – can add chips and sensors to protect and monitor assets


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