2016 Net Gain – Facial Biometric Ad Testing

My notes on the Net Gain presentation by Bernie Malinoff and Norman Chang on Facial Biometric in Advertising Research (without asking a single question). There has been limited editing and hence there will be typos.

Over 90% of human behaviour is driven by emotions.

Emotions in consumer research.

Real Eyes Facial Coding: using webcam can code emotions based on your face – can calibrate to within 1%.

Works across cultures, if subject has a beard of not, or even if they wear glasses.

People never express anger in advertising, most often they express confusion.

Provides a simple 1-10 score, reviewed by demographics, player types etc.

Passively collected insights of a respondent during a 15-30 second ad without asking them a question.

People who feel more, do more

  • assess earned media potential
  • direct media allocation/placement

Lottery is all about emotions – functionally they sell a piece of paper, but in reality OLG is selling hopes and dreams.

They do a lot of advertising over the course of the year.

Have used the methodology to test about 12 different ads.

Can look to see both overall how an ad works with the target audience, but can also look at a moment-by-moment scoring of the ad.


  • Facial biometrics has also led to creative alignment with busienss objectives
  • recent ads have stronger emotional resonance to grow player participation
  • prior advertising was well recalled, but worked best with current players

Ad agencies tend to like this method of research, because it is pure emotion, which is hard for them to argue with.

Can setup the research on a Friday, and have a de-brief on Monday afternoon.

Usually about 300 people in a study like this, is one on the internet.

Some use 30-40 for a pre-test, but they use 300 to be able to segment.





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