2016 MRA CRC – Gail Galuppo Keynote on Using Research to Be Customer Centric

My notes on Gail Galuppo (Afflac) presentation at the 2016 MRA CRC. Limited editing so there will be typos.

Takes 3-4 years to build an infrastrutcutre that is customer-centric.

Gail was ready to retire, but took this job 9 months ago and moved to Georgia for it.


  • Only 29% of customers are hapy with their current insurance provider. Gail was confused “doesn’t everyone love the duck?” – yes but not their insurance company.
  • Wasn’t relying on customer-driven, more on what agents wanted. So? How where they going to drive change.
  • Young customer don’t know what Alfac offers, and where to take money out of their budget to pay for products.

Age of the customer

  • 1900 – Age of manufacutirng
  • 1960 – Age of distribution
  • 1990 – Age of information
  • 2010 – Age of the customer

Aflac’s 2020 vision re-written to be voice of consumer.

“If we don’t put the customer at the heart of everything we do we’ll never convert from ‘sold not bought'”

Problem: even though duck was popular, research showed Aflac wasn’t highly differentiated.

Ciaims experience – big differentiator for Aflac, in the business to pay claims, not deny them. On average they paid within 4 days. Wanted to move that to 1 days.

One Day Pay became the standard – pay and deposit into customer bank account within that time.

Commercials focused on speed of payment, research had said that was of key importance.

One day pay was incorporated into all advertising channels to focus on benefit.

After 9 months of campaign


  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Brand association.


  •  important to Aflac because by 2020 will make up 50% of workforce.
  • 62% of millennials feel online content important – used BuzzFeed to advertise
  • 1/4 say they understand disability – decided need to simplify conversation on disability insurance
  • Shared a video with their sales-force on how to sell short-term disabilities insurance to millennials

Result over last 18 months have seen an increase of 17% of business from millennials.

Consumers are not engaging with insurance companies outside of paying premiums – normally 1-2 times per year.

Some think that better not to contact them more often or they might cancel. BUT 49% want more content from their insurance provider.

Aflac has reached out to provide digital content, using the duck to talk about affordable care impact and other things.

The duck even has his own Twitter channel.




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