2016 MRA CRC – Enabling Business Growth Through Global Qualitative Research

The following are my notes from a presentation by Michael J Rosenberg (JP Morgan Chase). There has been very little editing, so there will be typos.

Has been to over 40 countries doing qualitative research, over 250 projects.

Normally with C suite, CFOs and treasurers.

Today’s reality¬†– just in time research, flow results, actionability, Quantifiable ROI

Focused on – 80% growth and 20% performance — probably reversed from 10 years ago

Three dimensions of growth

  • Clients – new clients or increasing share of wallet
  • Geographies – expand into new countries?
  • Products – new product development, enhance existing products

Qualitative research is optimally suited to answer the key questions to help drive key growth

  • depth interviews (80% of what they do)
  • user groups
  • ethnography
  • focus groups
  • online communities

Looking on methodology is not enough

Top ten enablers (2014):

  1. Understand the business
  2. Ensure senior level business sponsorship
  3. Integrate the business into the research process
  4. Leverage “client friendly” methodologies
  5. Introduce new research methodologies and technology, but don’t push
  6. Leverage top talent
  7. Don’t ignore the numbers
  8. Deliver the results in the language of the business
  9. Engage in implementing the results
  10. Communicate regularly and with impact

Question: do these really enable business growth?

Important when speaking with clients to be able to understand & talk about the business on an educated level.

Business Intimacy is knowledge of:

  • Business strategy& tactics
  • Clients
  • Competition
  • Current capabilities
  • Market dynamics
  • Product/solution skills suite
  • Regulatory environment

The three Ds

  • Dialogue: more important to engage in a discussion than strictly asking questions Level 1) objectives, personna, cultural nuances, macro-economic environment 2) relationship history 2) micro-economic environment 3) personality
  • Deliverables: Who? What? When? How?
  • Delivery: 1) Business intimacy 2) Facts and results 3) Compelling messaging 4) Call to action


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