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2015 MRIA National Conference — Survey Quality Panel

IIeX 2015 — Mark Earls Talks About “Copy, Copy, Copy”

IIeX 2015 — Interview With Tom Anderson

IIeX 2015 — Interview With Joel Rubinson

IIeX Day Two Google Consumer Surveys: “Think Surveys are Dying? Think Again?”

My notes on Paul McDonald (Google Consumer Surveys), “Think Surveys are Dying?  Think Again?” The tale that surveys are going to be killed by Big Data is not true, according to Paul. Background Google = lots of data 30 trillion… Continue Reading →

IIeX Day Two — “Transforming Market Research with Big and Little Data”

Larry Friedman, TNS (From Insights Into Action:  Transforming Market Research with Big and Little Data) Traditionally market researchers have been whining about not getting a seat at the table.  Occurs because research viewed as a cost centre. If researchers want… Continue Reading →

IIex Day Two — Text Analytics Track

Text Analytics Today – Presentation from Seth Grimes Started off with quote from 1984 “Who controls the past, controls the future.  Who controls the present, controls the past.” 1958 Document written in IBM journal by Hans Peter Luhn “A Business… Continue Reading →

IIeX 2015 Day Two — CASRO Focus Forum: Protecting Your Business

  This post includes my notes from the CASRO stream on day two.  There will be minimal editing in this post, apologies in advance for typos. “Building Public Trust” – A Program of the Global Research Business Network (GRBN) Andrew… Continue Reading →

2015 IIeX Digital Qual and Facial Coding: Fusing High Tech Tools

My notes from the IIeX presentation of Debbie Balch (CEO/ Founder Elevated Insights) and Steve August (CIO, Focus Vision).  Because of limited editing there will be typos, apologies in advance. The Richness of Qual Steve showed a picture from the… Continue Reading →

2015 IIeX Cerita Bethea’s “The Less We Think The More We Know”

The following are my notes from Cerita Bethea’s (Kimberly Clark) IIeX presentation.  Limited editing after the post means there will be typos. Questions: Why can we do a complex task like bike riding without thinking? Why do we cheer after… Continue Reading →

IIeX 2015 Steven Cohen’s “The 1980s Called and They Want Their Segmentation Study Back” Presentation

My notes on the presentation by Steven Cohen (In4mation Insights) at IIeX 2015.  This post has been published shortly after the session, and will have little editing, and thus some typos will remain. Q:  Who was the first and only marketing… Continue Reading →

IIeX 2015 Grant Miller’s “Highlights From the 2014 GRIT Report Presentation”

These are my notes from the presentation by Grant Miller (RIWI) on the 2014 GRIT CPR Report.  It was published shortly after the session ended and will have typos. Consumer Participation in Research Report -55 countries surveyed -10% response rates… Continue Reading →

IIeX 2015 Day One — Cross-Platform Media Measurement

The following are my notes from Joel Rubinson’s (Rubinson and Partners) “Quite Marketing Like It’s 1990″ Joel started out by showing the front page of a 1990 Radio Shack ad — featuring products that virtually all could be housed within… Continue Reading →

IIEX 2015 Day One — Morning Plenary Session

General notes from the opening morning of IIeX North America 2015.   Minimal editing, so there will be typos. Kristin Luck Key trends in research: Making things simple Integration Agile Research Every company is a media company J Walker Smith (The… Continue Reading →

MRIA 2015 National Conference: “Community-based Research for Collective Storytelling” Presentation

The following notes from Keith Neuman and Suelyn Knight’s  (Environics) “Community-based research for collective storytelling:  The Toronto Black Experience Project”.  This presentation has been live blogged during the session at the MRIA 2015 National Conference.  Limited editing has been done to this… Continue Reading →

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